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Stable Diet bakery began in 1995 in a small farmhouse kitchen in Wexford making carrot cake for the local health food store.

Now the thriving food company operates from a modern premise located on the grounds of the farm. The aroma of freshly baked product greets you as you enter the restored courtyard of this eighteenth century farm. True to our philosophy that nature knows best, our delicious products are based on traditional recipes and ingredients. Our highly trained staff take great care and as a team, we continue to develop innovative food products that reflect our philosophy and idyllic natural surroundings.

Our flapjacks were our first oats product. Wheat- free, they proved so successful we introduced our award-winning Granola – Toasted Breakfast Cereals; A heart-healthy blend of toasted oats, nut and seeds, also available with fruit. If you enjoy a hot breakfast, you will love our Yola Porridge, packed with nuts and seeds.

Whether you choose to indulge and have a deliciously satisfying flapjack or you enjoy a delicious bowl of crunchy Granola topped with fruit, we hope you enjoy our products.

In 2007 Stable Diet Café opened and it now flourishes as one of the town’s most popular cafés.


Stable Diet

TEL : +353 53 9131287


Toasted breakfast Cereal

Toasted breakfast cereal with fruit

Toasted breakfast cereal with cranberries, Pecans and pumpkin seeds


Plain Flapjack

Fruit Flapjack

Milk Chocolate flapjack

Chocolate Flapjack

Wexford fruit slice


Milk Chocolate Oaties

Chocolate chip cookies

Cranberry & Almond Bites

Cashew chew bars

Almond crunch bars

Lemon Syrup cake

Lemon & Raspberry cake

Carrot cake

Chocolate cake