The Wexford Food Producers Network, operating as the brand Wexford Food Family, aims to grow the food industry in County Wexford and to grow the business of each of its members through :

Networking and Sharing of Knowledge

Intelligence and Information

Training and Education

Increasing Awareness of Members’ Businesses

Promotion Amongst Retailers and the Hospitality Sector

Full Member

Criteria to become a full Member:

  1. The business produces a food product in County Wexford
  2. The business’s headquarters in based in County Wexford
  3. The business provides employment in County Wexford
  4. The business uses Wexford ingredients where possible and Irish ingredients where Wexford ingredients are not available, if possible.
  5. The business has HACCP in place
  6. The business is registered with the Companies Registration Office

Associate Member

If a business fulfils all of the requirements for the Full Member Criteria but does not produce its food product in County Wexford, or their headquarters is outside of County Wexford, that business can become an Associate Member.

New Member Application Form

When you sign up as a member of the Wexford Food Producers Network CLG (Wexford Food Family) you are authorising us to enter your name on the register of members

(e.g. baked goods, poultry etc.)
(please include yourself too)
(Please note the financial information you supply is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone else)
(Wexford Food Producers Network encourages its members to work together and to source ingredients and services locally, where possible)