Wexbury Spirits

Fruit Infused Wexford Spirits


Wexbury Spirits is the bi-product of entrepreneur Mark Kavanagh. As a boy Mark got involved with the renowned Wexford strawberries. He set up his own business selling strawberries on the side of the road just outside of Enniscorthy, close to his family farm.

A number of years ago Mark began to infuse the fresh Wexford strawberries with Vodka and sugar as an experiment. This ‘experiment’ was incredibly well received by friends and family. Thus the journey of making Wexbury Spirits began.


Our Alcohol is 8x Farmed Distilled using malting barley harvested from the famous hook head peninsula, and is flavoured using only 100% naturally sourced ingredients.


Enjoy Wexbury neat, with mixers or in our signature serve of a measure of Wexbury Irish Strawberry Vodka topped up with ice and soda water and garnished with fresh berries.


Available in Wexford strawberry, raspberry and blackberry flavours, Wexbury provides the perfect medium to which people can now enjoy the real taste of the Irish summertime, all year round!


Wexbury Spirits

Mark Kavanagh

TEL : +353 83 426 9676
EMAIL : mark@wexbury.com


Wexford Strawberry Spirit Drink

Wexford Raspberry Spirit Drink

Wexford Blackberry Spirit Drink