This membership is for businesses and organisations based overseas whose connections with Ireland and Wexford through the Irish diaspora are validated.

The proposed International Affiliate Member company and business activities must align with the business of food production and food promotion in Wexford.

Suitable Food Training, Food Media & Publishing, Twinned Food Festivals, Food Tourism Companies, Food Equipment

The proposed member business can be registered inside or outside of the Republic of Ireland

The business type offers a service which is aligned to the requirements of our membership

Application Form

This is a 12 month affiliate membership. The 2024 cost is €350.00 per annum.


We’ve been members of the Wexford Food Family since 2011. The benefits that we’ve got over the years are huge. A conversation with another member at a meeting has often delivered the solution to a problem. We’ve teamed up with fellow members at different activities and courses, we’ve got great inspiration from the market study trips and definitely some of our listings have come through the Official Supporters programme. We would say every producer should be a member and to get the benefits out of the group you need to get involved.


Tom & Laura Sinnott, Wexford Home Preserves

The Wexford food family is a great network of people who share their knowledge and experiences willingly and help each other wherever possible.


Mary Regan, Regan Organic Poultry