Saltrock Dairy

Fresh Local Milk


Saltrock Farm is a 70-acre coastal farm in North Wexford which is naturally suited to grass growth. The herd of Holstein Cross cows graze outdoors for up to 9 months of the year being brought indoors when weather dictates where they are housed on straw bedding and fed with the silage harvested from the farm in the summer months and supplemented by dry feed providing them with the nutrients they need. Paul Kinsella grew up in Tara Hill on his family farm and established his own drystock farm in 1993 when he married Catherine and went on to have 4 children who have all had to do their part on the farm like most farming families. Paul made the decision to convert to dairy in 2013 going on to grow a strong healthy herd of cows producing the quality product that inspired him and Catherine to explore the possibility of selling direct to the consumer. They installed a pasteurising unit on the farm and in October 2021 they launched Saltrock Dairy and now their freshly pasteurised but non homogenised milk is available to their customers within hours of production.

While the basis of their business is quality local fresh milk available locally, it is their system of selling that initially catches peoples attention as it supports the circular economy in a very real way by cutting out all packaging allowing people to fill the milk into their own containers or Saltrock Dairy reusable glass bottles from a self service vending unit. The vending unit is mobile and travels daily within the local area making it easily accessible to all and has the addition of flavoured syrups available to be added to bottles before filling with milk giving customers the option of flavoured milks which have proved very popular.



TEL : +353 87 655 7806
Tarahill, Gorey
Co. Wexford, IRELAND, Y25 RC62


Farm fresh pasteurised but non homogenised whole milk (unflavoured and flavoured )

Reusable Glass Bottles



Saltrock Dairy vending unit times and locations are posted and updated daily on social media or by contacting them.