Wexford Cheddar

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The story of Wexford Creamery began more than half a century ago with a shared passion for dairy farming and a love for the community it supports. In 1959 a group of far-sighted dairy farmers and a German entrepreneur called Herr Hoevelmeyer met in Wexford. Today this is known as Wexford Creamery.
Given the quality of Wexford’s climate, its lush green pastures, the happiness of its free-roaming cows and the superior quality of its milk, cream and cheese – it was no surprise when the business quickly became a success.
Since 1959 Wexford Creamery has continued to grow, modernising its plant and increasing staff numbers. More and more local farmers have partnered with Wexford Creamery and today most of the dairy farmers in Wexford supply milk exclusively to us.
Today Wexford Creamery is an international business and part of the Glanbia Ireland brand family. It is an international success story operating in markets across Europe, North America and the Far East – but the heart of Wexford Creamery will always remain truly local. Wexford Creamery will always be the definitive flavour of the beautiful land that we’re lucky to call home.


Wexford Cheddar

TEL : +353 1 866 2176
EMAIL : info@wexfordcreamery.com
Glanbia Ireland, Citywest, Dublin 24

Wexford Cheddar


Mild & Creamy Cheddar – Available in a 200g block, our Mild & Creamy White Irish Cheddar is pale yellow in colour and has a deliciously smooth flavour. Perfect for all the family.

Rich & Mature Cheddar – Our Rich & Mature Cheddar is available in both red and white 200g and 2KG blocks. This cheddar is typically aged for 12-18 months, allowing this smooth cheddar to develop a full rich flavour with a hint of sweetness.

Strong & Vintage Cheddar – Available in a 200g block, our Strong & Vintage Cheddar is a full-bodied cheese with a robust and lasting flavour. Typically aged for 18-24 months, this cheddar demands the taste buds attention.



Wexford Cheddar