Tara Hill Honey

100% Natural Irish Honey


Tara Hill Honey is based on the Eastern Slopes of Tara Hill. It is a coastal location and an ideal site for mating our Queen Bees. Our Honey mainly comes from Blackberry and Clover and also all the wildflowers within a 3-mile radius from our home. Our honey is brought to market in a raw state, rich in enzymes, pollen and 100% natural flavours. Our honey is collected between the months of May and August. We relocate our bees, according to the availablity of flowers throughout the year. We also work closely with local farmers in the pollination of Oil Seed Rape, Apples, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants, and Field Beans.
Weather permitting, we bring our Bees to the Wicklow Mountains to collect Heather Honey from the wild Heather which grows there in abundance. Our Pure Irish Honey is a 100% natural product, which can be used in numerous ways such as cooking, skincare and the treatment of burns/cuts/ulcers.


Tara Hill Honey

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Tara Hill Gorey Co Wexford

Tara Hill Honey
Tara Hill Honey
Tara Hill Honey


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