O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon go Solar

Solar Array of 11Kwp was installed recently at O’Neills Bacon in Wexford.   As a member of Origin Green, O’Neills have committed to reducing their impact on the environment.  With this in mind, O’Neills bacon contacted Enerpower for a solar rooftop system solution that would meet energy needs and reduce operational costs within the business

Founded in 2005, Pat O’Neill started his own dry cured bacon business.  The award-winning bacon is made with Irish Pork and cured by hand in the traditional way using a unique family recipe with natural sea salt.  Through origin green, O’Neills Bacon are committed to local and responsible sourcing of pork as well as ensuring focus on health and nutrition.

This Origin Green programme enables Ireland’s food industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities more effectively.

After meeting with O’Neills bacon Enerpower installed an 11kwp solar array to help the company meet their Origin Green goals.  This allows the company to become more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact. The seamless process was managed by a project manager from Enerpower who designed the system and co-ordinated the installation and commissioning of the solar array.  The system was designed with the specific requirements of O’Neills bacon and ensuring that the solar panel system to ensure maximum efficiency output.

Enerpower installed an 11kwp solar Array at O’Neills Bacon.  The panels installed consisting of a 60 cell mono crystalline module will ensure a significant generation of solar energy.     With an output range of 260-280 watt, these panels will ensure enough solar electricity is available for the factory.     The solar panels are equipped with an excellent quality mark and an extensive manufacturers warranty.

One of the many benefits of choosing solar panels for your business is that you will reduce the overheads to your business by reducing your electricity costs.  Solar energy is free and with good roof space on your facility, you can avail of the many benefits of choosing commercial solar panels. Solar panels are clean, affordable and sustainable way to generate electricity for your business.


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