Meadowfield Farm

Goats Milk and Soft Goats Cheese


Meadowfield Farm Goats Milk was established in 2015 in Co. Wexford by local farmer John Joe with his wife Marisa who saw a need in the Irish market for a high quality, pleasant tasting, goats milk product.
Their herd of goats is fed on a grass and herb diet, which makes the milk mild, sweet and creamy. It is then pasteurised but non-homogenised, for milk that tastes the way it should, full of simple, creamy goodness.
Meadowfield Goats Milk is now available in over 40 Super Valu stores as well as many independent stores including Ardkeen Stores, Centra, Londis and Farm Shops.
There are numerous health benefits to drinking goats milk and it is easily substituted into your everyday diet. In 2017, the Meadowfield Fresh Goats Milk received their first Gold Star award from the Great Taste Awards. In April 2018, Meadowfield launched a soft Goats Cheese, a soft cheese for retail and the food service industry. Our full fat goats cheese is made daily by our French cheesemaker, Davit. It is smooth and light and is made using pasteurised goats milk.


Meadow Field Farm

John Joe & Marisa Roche
TEL : 087 2980950
Meadowfield House, Garrylough, Screen, Wexford, Y21E330

Meadowfield Farm
Meadowfield Farm
Meadowfield Farm


1 litre Goats milk
100g Soft Goats cheese
500g Soft Goats Cheese