Jackford Irish Potato Gin

100% Irish Potato made Gin


This is a story of careful stewardship, of years spent nourishing and protecting the rich soil in this fertile corner of Ireland.

The Stafford family is as rooted in Co Wexford as the harvest they lovingly produce. Theirs is a proud heritage of a humble staple. And now that has produced another yield – of premium, locally sourced, locally distilled spirits.100% Irish Potato made Gin, made with Wexford grown rooster potatoes, Wexford Strawberries, basil, lime and liquorice to name just a few of the carefully selected botanicals, the creaminess of the Potato spirit shines through unlike any other Gin spirit.


Creamy and smooth from the potato base complemented by the natural sweetness from the unique mix of botanicals. The taste is balanced to perfection giving you citrus, spicey and earthy notes. A tantalising blend of light fruit and herb that lingers.


Signature serve: 50ml Jackford Gin over ice, top up with premium tonic, garnish with lemon & basil.


Staffords Irish Spirits

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Tomnalossett, Enniscorthy, Wexford

Jacford Product 2021
Jackford Irish Gin


Jackford Irish Potato Gin


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