Gorse Farm

Organic farm


Gorse Farm is a small organic farm located in the foothills of Mount Leinster just outside Bundlody, Co.Wexford. Established by Jenny Watkins and Janet Power in 2016 the farm produces a range of healthy organic vegetables which retails in Supervalu’s throughout Wexford. Gorse Farm produce can also be found in a selection of cafes and restaurants.
Gorse Farm produce is certified Organic and bears the organic logo. The quality of our produce can be attributed to the care and attention which we personally bring to it. All our salads and vegetables are hand-sown, picked and packed by us ensuring the highest quality and freshest of produce reaches our customers.
We take great pride in our craft and guarantee our customers the highest quality salads and vegetables throughout the year.


Gorse Farm

TEL : Jenny Watkins – 0860812803
Janet Power – 0863049447
EMAIL : gorsefarmbunclody@gmail.com

Gorse Farm
Gorse Farm
Gorse Farm


Organic mixed salad leaves
Organic spinach
Organic Kale
Organic rocket
Organic garlic (seasonal)
Organic cucumber (seasonal)