Another Great Reason for Shops, Restaurants, Cafés and Hotels to Support our Local Wexford Food and Drink Producers

With the re-opening of many businesses in the hospitality sector, the Wexford Food Family is redoubling its efforts to encourage more support for our local, homegrown food and drink producers.

We kicked off our 2020 Eat Wexford campaign by presenting Johnstown Castle with their plaque. Sara Doran from Wexford Food Family presented the plaque to Carmel Whitty, visitor services manager. Also present were Cllr Frank Staples, Chairperson Rosslare Municipal District and Michael Power from Trudies Kitchen.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions resulted in a significant increase in demand amongst consumers for local produce and brands.

The Wexford Food Family is helping businesses to meet that demand, which will result in more sales for retailers and food services businesses and in helping to sustain our local food economy and the families that depend on it.

The online directory of producers gives details of what is being produced locally by members of The Wexford Food Family and how to contact and order from each producer.

The Official Supporters Programme recognises those who are already making the effort to source their products from producers in the County.

Each food service business sourcing product from a minimum of 6 Wexford Food Family members and each retailer sourcing from a minimum of 10 receives the Official Supporters Eat Wexford plaque to display in their premises, helping to market their business to consumers as a destination to buy or consume local food and drink.

These Official Supporter retailers and food service businesses are also listed on and given a smart graphic device to use on their menus and other marketing material, on and offline – a powerful, free marketing tool.

They are also included in social media marketing campaigns.

The Wexford Food Family is calling on all food retailers and food service businesses to source more food locally and to apply to the Official Supporters programme – this can make a huge difference to our county. It also means that visitors are given the best experience of our food and drink.

We are also calling on the people of Wexford to buy from those outlets that display the Eat Wexford plaque, knowing that they can enjoy the best of local food there. Did you know that every €100 spent locally on local products is worth €500 to the local economy? Imagine what our county would be like if we all chose to take this habit up?

The Wexford Food Family is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to growing the food industry in Co Wexford by helping to grow the business of our food producer members. We do this through intelligence, tools, and trade focused promotion. Our aim is to help our members to increase sales, product quality and operational efficiency. We would like to thank and acknowledge the support we have from Liz Hore and the team in the Local Enterprise Office, Wexford.

Thank you for supporting Wexford food producers and helping to make our food industry more sustainable.

For more information on the Wexford Food Family and to apply to the Official Supporters Programme please visit our website

The Wexford Food family