Ballyhack Smoke House

Award winning purveyor of smoked salmon


Ballyhack Smokehouse is a family run operation where everything is done by hand which ensures each fish is given the time, care and precision it needs to deliver a truly wonderful product. What makes us different?
• We sampled our product with many types of wood before settling
on a beech wood chip which helps add a unique mouth-watering
flavour to our product.
• We take time to smoke our salmon and allow the smoke to
penetrate the fish for up to 48 hours in comparison to 8 to 12 hours in modern smokers. This gives the same effect as slow cooking a
joint of roast and creates a deeper, more refined flavour.
• Once the fish is cured and rinsed, we then soak the fish to reduce the
salt levels and allow the fish to dry for a day before being smoked.
• The smoker used is over 70 years old and adds its own authentic
taste to the product. Ballyhack is currently extending the premises and smokehouse to accommodate a new range of products and Michael will be dedicating all his time to the new smokehouse.


Ballyhack Smokehouse

Michael Walsh
TEL : 086 0284283

Ballyhack Smoke House
Ballyhack Smoke House
Ballyhack Smoke House


Slow Smoked Wild Irish Salmon (when in season)
Slow Smoked Irish Salmon (using organically cultivated salmon)
Slow Smoked Salmon (using the very best quality salmon from Scotland and Norway)

2016: Irish Quality Food and Drinks award I Wild Irish Smoked Salmon 2017: Irish people’s choice awards I Wild Irish Smoked Salmon Great British Taste Awards 3 Star I Artisan Beech Smoked Salmon Great British Taste Awards 2 Star I Organic Salmon 1 of 3 Nominated for the Golden Fork Award Listed in the Top 50 foods of Great Taste 2017



Ballyhack Smoke House